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Following are some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Does faster and cheaper make you sit up straight? It should. No backwards and forwards with a designer. No multiple quotes and requotes. No scheduling with the Mail House. Get your team together and within 30 minutes you can have designed, proofed, targeted and prepared your campaign. As soon as tomorrow, we collate, print it and deliver it to Australia Post for delivery. diydm doesn't just do the mail, we provide the tools to design your collateral, help with audience targeting, fine tune your list and sign off your project. So, if your question is cost effective, it’s just fantastic. Try to put a campaign together yourself and then ask yourself.

Microsoft Excel or CSV. What is more important that each Column is named appropriately and each Row is a separate record. Spend a little time before hand, making sure your file is mostly clean. BUT you’ll have a bunch of tools to review what you upload and check it. So, don’t worry when you upload your file.

Your customer data is your competitive advantage. We understand that. Your customer data is yours and no one has rights to access it or view it except where you give permission for its use.

Upon 1/ approval of artwork 2/ uploading or selection of audience, and 3/ payment being processed we are able to have most jobs processed and lodged with Australia Post the next business day.

Every address in Australia has a unique ID which is a number and that Australia Post barcodes. This code is used to presorts mail. It speeds up processing time and facilitating a more accurate and timely delivery of your mail.

Yes, the diydm platform provides a range of data solutions. This includes but is not limited to de-duplicating lists and checking the accuracy of your data.

Yes. We are able to supply data at no additional cost that will suit almost any criteria. *This only applies to direct mail campaigns produced and sent via the diydm platform.

Yes. We are able to fold and collate material in a variety of sizes. *This only applies to material that is selected and produced via the diydm platform.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and of course Paypal.

diydm exclusively use Australia Post to deliver mail: addresses, to the household or unaddressed. While we have an excellent working relationship with Australia Post they are completely separate and we are completely independent.